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Lower your pre-employment screening costs by up to 50%
Search Descriptions

  • County Criminal Records Search* - Real time search of County Criminal Records in local courthouses. It is usually a 7 year search. Some counties allow longer. Takes about 1-3 business days for most searches and some counties charge a fee.

  • Statewide Criminal Repository* - A search of any given state's criminal repository records. This information usually contains records from state parole agencies, county courts, probation records, etc. Please note that not every state has this option available and each state updates their records on a different schedule (if at all). 

  • County Civil Records Search* - Real time search of County Civil Records in local courthouses. It is usually a 7 year search. Some counties allow longer. Takes about 1-4 business days for most searches. Please keep in mind that most civil courts don’t provide exact identifiers and this may impede the search.

  • Credit Report - TransUnion or Equifax Credit Reports are available for clients that have cause. These are strictly regulated and clients must provide proof of use for employment. Equifax requires a setup fee, site inspection and monthly subscription. TransUnion does not. Contact us for details.

  • D.O.T. Questionnaire - A must for companies employing commercial drivers. We contact previous employers and request their mandates copies of driver questionnaires and provide them to you.

  • Education Verification* - We contact the school to determine graduation date, dates of attendance, degree obtained and any other pertinent information. Exact turn around times are not available because ultimately we are at the mercy of the school. Some schools use a 3rd party to house their information and in that case, they will charge a fee.

  • Employment Verification* - We contact the past employer to determine dates of employment, reason for leaving, title and other information that we can gleam. Exact turn around times are not available because ultimately we are at the mercy of the employer. Some employers use a 3rd party to house their information and in that case, they will charge a fee.

  • Federal Bankruptcy Search - Searches the federal database for bankruptcy cases. Usually takes 1-2 business days. This search is becoming a popular alternative to Credit Reports.

  • Federal Civil Records Search - A search of ALL Federal Civil Courthouses for federal civil cases belonging to your applicant.

  • Federal Criminal Records Search - A search of Federal Criminal Courts from all reporting districts. Examples may include federal crimes such as tax evasion, drug trafficking, kidnapping and other federal cases.

  • International Criminal, Civil, Employment & Education Services - We offer these services all over the globe! Please note that each country has different pricing, policies and turn-around-times. Contact us for more specific information.

  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record* - Searches any state DMV for driving history. Most states provide instant results but some require 1-4 days to complete. Most states charge a fee.

  • MultiState Criminal Database Search - Instant search of millions of records in all states and jurisdictions that report into the database. This database consists of records from city, county and state sources such as, courts, jails, prisons and justice departments. Per federal law, each possible hit must be verified with a County Criminal Search.

  • National Sex Offender Records Search - A search of the nationwide database of Registered Sex Offenders. Usually takes 1-2 business days. Depending on which state you are in, EIS may have to ensure you are legally entitled to receive the results. Please contact a Service Representative with any questions.

  • Nationwide Wants/Warrants - A search conducted by a state agency that shows all active warrants issued for an individual in the national police database.

  • OFAC/Excluded Parties/Terrorist Watchlist - A database consisting of hundreds of millions of records from all over the world. Consisting of OFAC, OIG/GSA, Overseas and Domestic Government criminal and civil agencies.

  • PSP Records - A search of commercial Pre-employment Screening Program Records from the federal database. Another MUST HAVE for commercial employers.

  • Professional License Verification - Verification of professional licenses issued to a person from issuing agencies all over the country. NOTE: This is not a driver's license check.

  • Reference Verification - We contact professional references on your behalf to help get a better overall picture of your applicant's ability to do their duties and get along in your workplace.

  • SSN Trace/Address Locator - This is a credit header report that is instantly available from Experian. It provides names, alias’, address history, date of birth and other valuable information. This is the tool that is utilized to determine which jurisdictions to search and for what names.

  • SSN Validation - Unlike the SSN Trace/Address Locator; this comes directly from the Social Security Administration. This is used to give a firm Yes or No answer as to whether the SSN belongs to your applicant's name. This is used mostly in cases where you are not 100% sure your applicant's name is correct. 

  • Work Compensation Search - Searches state records (where available) for work compensation reports. Please note this search is not available in every state and state law may prohibit you from using this information for pre-employment reasons. State fees may be charged.

* 3rd Party Fees May Apply.

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Affordable, Easy & Effective Integrations

Employers Investigative Services prides ourselves on being able to flexible. This means that we have put forth the effort already to easily and effectively integrate with dozens of different Applicant Tracking Systems. Our easy to use XML packet and friendly relationships with known industry leaders make a complicated task even that much easier. 

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