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What is Offer Ready?

Offer Ready is a new twist on Peace Officer and Public Safety Background  Investigations. Your background investigation is completed prior to the application process. This shows your dedication and committment and also speeds up your hiring process. 

Public Safety Backgrounds can take up to a year in some agencies. In the meantime, you have spent thousands of dollars and chances are, you are not working in your chosen field. With a completed background, agencies can lower their background investigation turn-around-time from months to mere hours, increasing the likelyhood of your background being reviewed by your potential agency.

Where did you end up on the eligibility list? Low? Possibly. But that doesn't mean that you can't do the job. It does mean that you will need to work harder and show how dedicated you are. You can help by having your own independent, POST Compliant Background Investigation completed prior to even walking in the door. 

Traditionally, Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Correctional Officer and Public Safety Dispatcher Candidates spend thousands of dollars to put themselves through their respective academies. After months of training, they then apply to a multitude of agencies to try and prove their worth. Only after taking a written test, oral exam and physical agility screen, are they then offered the opportunity to participate in a thorough background investigation.

The problem becomes, in today's society, many applicants are being sponsored by agencies. Those candidates that do not test higher than average may never have the opportunity to prove themselves or even get to the background process.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does it cost?

  • A: Basic background investigations start at $1,200.00. Some candidates have more life history and require more work. Additional fees may apply.

  • Q: How long does it take?

  • A: We strive to get public safety background investigations completed in 30 business days. Obviously, this is a goal and isn't always reachable due to weather, holidays or life experience. Very rarely, does a background investigation take longer than 45 days though.

  • Q: What are these additional fees and when doe they apply?

  • A: Some candidate's have more life experience like more employers, larger families or simply more history to look into. In these cases, an hourly rate is applied in addition to the flat rate up to a pre-determined amount that we are not to exceed without your permission. This will all be explained in the Service Agreement.

  • Q: Are there refunds?

  • A: We have a Fail Safe Guarantee. In short, if you stop or cancel your background investigation for any reason, we will refund any unused amounts of your retainer based on the hourly rate.

  • Q: Will I be able to see my background investigation?

  • A: No. California State Law prohibits us from showing your your completed background investigation. It also would be unethical for us to show this information to you because we have promised contacted parties that this information is protected. If an agency did your background investigation, you would not be able to see any part of it. 

  • Q: Why can't I view my background investigation? I paid for it!

  • A: Because it would be illegal and immoral for us to do that. State law protects your background investigation from being viewed. The legislature has determined that Peace Officer and Public Safety Dispatchers must possess very high morals and ethics as well as other high characteristics. It is recognized that, in order to vet these dimensions, the process must remain secretive in nature. Also, in order to maintain the investigation's integrity, the agency must be assured that all state and POST Protocol's are met.

  • Q: What can I see, then?

  • A: Per state and federal law, you are entitled to receive a copy of any public record information, credit report or database used if it contains potential adverse information. This will automatically be sent to you, even if you didn't request it. Upon the completion of the background, you will also receive a Letter of Authenticity that you may provide to any potential employer, letting them know you have already had a POST Compliant Background Investigation done by an impartial, professional investigations firm.

  • Q: Can I influence the background in any way? I paid for it!

  • A: No. To ensure that the integrity of the investigation is in tact; it must be treated as any other background investigation and the confidential results will be held until you allow it's release to the agency of your choosing. You are paying for E.I.S. to conduct a fair, impartial and compliant background investigation.

  • Q: Can I request to view my background from my potential agency?

  • A: You can ask but it is highly unlikely. 


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