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We Got P.O.S.T. Certified!

Employer’s Investigative Services of Orland, California has recently become P.O.S.T. Certified to conduct background checks on sworn and non-sworn law-enforcement applicants. The California Peace Officer Standards and Training certificate allows E.I.S. to systematically weed-out the possible bad applicants and provides the training needed to dig as thoroughly into an applicant’s background as possible.

“We have wanted to get certified for some time now. We have been doing civilian background checks all over the country for years, but we saw a need to help our local law enforcement agencies get quality applicants, quickly,” says owner, Dusty Lefdal.

Lefdal was a local peace officer prior to opening the company that currently provides background checks and drug screening to companies of all sizes. He says one of the reasons he insisted the company get P.O.S.T. Certified is because he saw first-hand how difficult it was to have a good, fast background check done on new recruits and how expensive they can be. “Our goal is to get them done fast and affordable. But more important than that, we need to be accurate. It doesn’t do anybody any good to do a cheap, fast background on a candidate that ends up getting their municipality or agency sued, or even worse, if they cause an un-warranted injury or death,” Lefdal said.

At least one agency is currently using E.I.S. for peace officer background checks but Lefdal said that he hopes other local agencies begin utilizing their services in order to start saving themselves some money and exposure to liability.

Employer’s Investigative Services is a nationwide provider of pre-employment background checks and drug testing. Questions concerning their POST Certification or anything else they can help you with, please call (866) 350-5638 or visit them at

(866) 350-5638

P.O. Box 906, Orland, CA 95963, USA

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