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On October 31st, The California Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training revised their requirements for some peace officer background checks that will become effective January 1st, 2017.

The old requirements contained in Commission Regulations 1950 – 1955 are now revised to allow hiring authorities who have extensive, first-hand knowledge of their separated officers, to make the determination whether they will need a complete or updated background investigation. This section can be found here.

Many regulations are still in place and some of these requirements dictate that a full background investigation be completed, instead of an update.

Employer’s Investigative Services almost always insists on doing a complete background investigation on all peace officer candidates whenever possible. Exceptions to this may include:

  • If the original background investigation was completed by Employer’s Investigative Services

  • If the original background investigation is available for review

  • If the original background investigation was done in a manner consistent with POST Standards and Employer’s Investigative Services’ accepted standards and practices.

Other exceptions may exist and many more are outlined in the POST revision and decision that can be downloaded here.

E.I.S. suggests always having an open line of communication between the agency’s hiring administration and their background investigators, whether it be in house or out. If you have any questions about policies related to updated background checks vs. complete backgrounds, feel free to contact us, your agency’s legal counsel or your POST Regional Consultant.

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