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Public Safety Background Investigations


Employers Investigative Services is California P.O.S.T. Certified to conduct pre-employment law enforcement background investigations for police departments, sheriff's offices, probation departments, district attorney's offices and fire departments.


Investigators have worked with POST Regional Consultants and attorneys to learn compliance and statutory needs. Backgrounds are compiled in an easy to read and understand format that is color coded and guaranteed to pass a POST audit. EIS handles the process from signed release to communicating with your post-offer medical staff to ensure your agency hires only the most qualified and dedicated staff. 


We strive to remain budget friendly with a fast turn around time and detailed investigations. Give us a call or email us for further information.

Peace Officer & Public Safety Dispatcher Backgrounds

Employers Investigative Services can do your peace officer and public safety dispatcher background investigations for all your sworn and unsworn personnel. Our trained staff handles your background investigations from start to finish. We can provide your candidates with a professional experience through this stressful time in a way that will nurture your relationship with them and build trust in you and them for their new career with your agency.

P.O.S.T. Compliant Background Investigations

We provide POST compliant background investigations in a format that is taught by POST . We handle all of the compliance so you don't have to including public records requirements from courts, DOJ, FBI and databases.

Employers Investigative Services provides your administration and leadership with a final product in both a written and electronic form. Each completed background is tabbed with POST dividers and numbered. Each background is professional supplied and easy to navigate and read. Our color coded headers for each required job dimension makes decision making a snap. Request a sample binder or report to see more!

Easy to Read/Navigate Product

Audit Guarantee

Each background investigation on a peace officer or public safety dispatcher is guaranteed to pass your POST audit or we will fix it for free. We even offer to come do a pre-audit before your regional representative comes so we can ensure a successful outcome for your agency. 

Affordable Pricing

Employers Investigative Services offers competitive and fair pricing. You won't find flat-rate pricing here. Each of your peace officer or public safety dispatcher candidates are different. They have all lived different lives. Your budget should not be punished because of these differences. You set the limit for the backgrounds. This creates a fair and budget-friendly approach to background investigations.

Turn Around Times

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time for background investigations. Employers Investigative Services will never trade speed for accuracy. 


Communication is key, especially in these trying times. It's never been harder to hire good police officers, deputy sheriffs, dispatchers or laterals. Communication between pre-offer and post-offer teams of leadership is crucial. That's why Employers Investigative Services offers weekly updates to clients so you can strategize and move forward with your recruitment and retention missions. You can have access to our process and know just where your backgrounds are at. Think of us as your in-house background investigators. You can come in the office, call, text or email. Whatever your agency needs.


Price and speed are extremely important in all public safety background investigations. They will never be as important as thoroughness and accuracy. This could never be more true than now due to recent California legislation regarding hiring, investigation and retention of peace officers. We are professional thread-pullers. If speed and price are the only concerns that Employers Investigative Services may not be a fit. If you want thoroughness, accuracy, affordability and all of this done as quickly as possible, give us a try.

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